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Finding Yourself

The question of who we are is one that follows us through out every stage of life. Katy shares her experience of finding her own identity in what others believed about her and what she believed about herself-- and ultimately how that all came crashing down around her. Through God's Word and His character, we can all find our purpose and our sense of belonging. It's after we are freed from the lies we believe about our identity that we can find a place for our unique personalities and gifts the way God created us to use them. 

Bible Study in the midst of mom life


Katy passionately believes that being a Bible scholar is not something that is specially reserved for those with seminary degrees or behind pulpits. God's Word is for everyone and everyone can (and should) study it! Katy shares how to get your hands dirty and uncover the gems of Scripture no matter what our schedule holds or how long you have been a believer. Studying the Bible looks different in every season of life, from students to singles to moms--the Bible is a treasure worth getting down in the dirt to dig through! Book Katy to inspire excitement and equip your group with some practical tools and action steps!

#MomFails and The Gospel


Raising small humans is hard! How can we raise kids in a crazy world to live for the Lord when we feel like we don't know what we are doing....but we know we want to do "it" perfectly?! No wants to mess it up as a parent, but that's a tremendous amount of pressure. Katy shares what parenting with the Gospel looks like on the days when we feel on top of the world and also on the days when we just feel like we must have  "#momfail" tattooed on our foreheads. 



guilt free motherhood

Mom guilt can be paralyzing.  Whether it's packing a healthy lunch for our kids, teaching them about Jesus, or creating picturesque memories it seems like moms have a knack for feeling guilty about all kinds of things! Katy helps moms evaluate the source of their guilt and shares her 5 keys to finding freedom. 


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