Perfectly Awful Christmas Eve 2014

Today I woke up, I read my advent reading, I thought about what the kids would wear for the Christmas Eve service, and then my nose started running, and my throat more than ached. By the time Austin left it started getting that old familiar feeling. My perfect Christmas Eve was obliterated by sickness. I would love to tell you I took it all in stride and that I found I had not set any mommy expectations, but that would not be at all true.

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Faithful Partner In Life....and Sucky Airport Experiences.

So thank you Lord, we move on to the security line. The security line is where you really know how much people hate children isn’t it? We quickly unshoe and unload. I’m fairly confident we used like 6 bins to get through that line. Austin and Lily go through the security check thingy and I push the rest of our bins through on the conveyor belt.  As I start walking through Austin looks back and says, “You got my computer right?” “Yep!” I’m such a good wife. Lyric and I go through the security check thingy and it’s all roses and rainbows. We go to the end of the line, bins 1-5 accounted for.

Austin says, “So you didn’t get my computer?”

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