"Take Heart...I HAVE"

You know that scene in Frozen where Olaf's carrot nose is shoved through his head and he thinks it's itty bitty and says so with a little cute voice? K. Well pretend you are hearing that voice say "This is just an itty bitty mini post."

I was just thinking/the Holy Spirit brought to mind that verse "Take heart I have overcome the world."  So I stopped and looked it up and the entire verse is...

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Pass The Ketchup

As I was giving my kids second, third and fourth servings of ketchup to accompany the chicken and veggies they weren't thrilled about (read: threenager throwing said chicken across the kitchen) I thanked the good Lord for that tangy, sweet, tomato-ish sauce. And as I dipped my own meat into ketchup I found myself suddenly hooked on dipping (drenching) my dry chicken until I was actually enjoying a meal of leftovers I had been dreading eating for lunch. 

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