Guest Post: Jenny Giving Without Fear

Honestly there was a roller coaster of emotions. Initial thoughts this is awesome! And  I started thinking of all the abundance of things in my household and how those things could be blessings to others. We do have so much stuff and there are people in need all around us.

As I was sorting through my excess of things that we have collected through the years my mind starting filling with fear ...will people take advantage of  this "free"garage sale, maybe they don't really need it... What if I give something I will need again or could sell instead....


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Guest Post: The Meyer Casa & TGP

Today I wanted to share a story from The Generosity Project (hence the "TGP" in the title) that comes from one of the awesome people that helped make it happen! I'm so happy to introduce you to Jessi Meyer from The Meyer Casa! She is fun, organized, down to earth, adorably stylish (ok you caught me, sometimes when picking out an outfit I ask myself...what would Jessi wear?) and an all around great gal. She is momma to Noah and Everly, wife to Matt and has a featured post on Apartment Therapy...dreams do come true. But seriously go look at that post because her house is--I would dare say-- more amazing in real life than even Apartment Therapy could convey. She is my minimalist role model for sure, not to mention she has me dreaming about white walls with a tinge of turquoise. Her love for the Lord is obvious and so is her servant's heart. She made many hours of mindless sorting and organizing for TGP go by quickly with her quick wit and fun spirit. So without further ado.... 

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Guest Post: Stories From The Desert

I’m crazy excited to introduce y’all to my dear dear friends Camie and Steve Risinger. Camie can be found over at LuxeWise where she and her lovely team help all of us with fun fashion and beauty tutorials while they teach that beauty goes far deeper than what the eye beholds. We have been close to Camie and Steve since 2007 when Austin was in ministry with them. Since then there have been two weddings and SIX babies born (all within three years of each other, that’s no joke). About a year and half ago Austin and I saw our friends become different people, we felt like we saw a death ridden, zombie like form of them and we knew that it was more than just newborn baby sleep deprivation. Since that time, we have seen them cross back into light and walk in joy and love. Even just looking at posed pictures of them, the difference is glaringly obvious. They have a story of pain and healing, sorrow and hope. I’m deeply grateful that they are willing to honestly share their story to glorify Christ and his message of love, reconciliation, healing and peace.


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