Too Much

Here's the thing, I love writing an Easter post on this blog each year. In fact I think there were years that I might have written as many Easter posts as other regular posts. But this year during my allotted time to write that Easter post and sit in my happy place and drink coffee, I got a migraine instead. I laid in bed completely heartbroken and scared and confused. I know that sounds dramatic but for migraine suffers, an ill-timed migraine can absolutely devastate you. I had planned to write and then take the kids to the first of a weekend full of Easter activities with our church and our families. In a matter of moments all that was being thrown out the window and I was in bed with no idea if this would last minutes or days (Praise God it was only minutes this time). I was so scared, and honestly still am, that my migraines will be back in regularity in a season of life when I have to fight to believe that this won't be the very last straw. I have to fight my hardest not to spiral into a pit of fear that if my migraines come back I might just lose it. It might send us over the edge, because we can't. We just can't handle it. It would just be too much. Too much. 

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