Coming Back For More

More than anything that I'm learning (and I'm drinking from the fire hydrant if you know what I'm saying) I'm learning again and again each day- each hour that the Lord is enough. But not the kind of enough like the bottom of the barrel, I-guess-that-salad-filled-me-up-until-dinner type of enough. God is abundantly enough in a "I've dipped every possible food into the chocolate fountain including my tea cup which is now a pool of yummy to drink from" kind of enough. He's not just good like...."I didn't get any bad marks on my report card" good. He is good like your favorite meal in front of a fire good. Like taking your first shower after a couple days of being sick kind of good. Like laughing so hard with friends that you're crying and your face hurts good. Like the perfect glass of wine with the perfect cheese plate (and if you're me, garlic stuffed olives) good. Like "I wish this pie could last forever" good

God is the kind of good that makes you come back for more. 

When I've watched people walk through difficult seasons and they've said "God is good" I've always heard that with a twinge of pity. I've felt bad for them kind of, like...dang that sucks that nothing else is good. 

But hear me now. God is so good that I don't really need to write it on this blog. I'd say it even if I were shut up in a tiny dark room with no one but a wall. With fists clinched and tears squeezing out I'd say this over and over. "God you're good and I trust you."

And while we yearn for a community to walk beside us in trying times and while we pray and wait for answers to questions of "what's next"....we do so filled with His abundance. Lacking nothing.  We've tasted and seen and we're hidden in His goodness.  

And we're coming back for more.


All images by Christina Gregor Photography