Best of 2014

As we all celebrate the new year today I thought it would be fun to take a look back. So much has happened this year and some of my favorite posts of all time were written. Below are my best of and/or favorite posts from 2014. Don't be confused if you find yourself at a blogspot page, it's just my old blog! (Which makes me want to say YAY for the new blog and the team of artists and my tech team who made it beautiful! And by tech team I mean my incredible husband.)

Let Them Love You

Keeping My Head Down

Don't Dress Modestly

Dear New Parent

When All You've Got Is Jesus


Purity Isn't Just For The Virgins

Submission: It Was That Simple

Faithful Partner In Life And Sucky Airport Experiences

Guest Post: Stories From The Desert

The Impossible Thing In My Heart

The Generosity Project*


*Denotes the winner winner chicken dinner, my very favorite blog happening from 2014