Tullos Family News

Big news here. I'll just come straight out with it, rip the bandaid off and then borrow some words my husband wrote to his ministry team to elaborate. 

We are moving back to Texas on January 12th. 

First of all, this has been the best 4 and a half years of our lives and we are so honored to have done life/ministry with you during this season.  Harvest Davenport will always have a piece of our heart.  We love this church.  We are going home because we have felt compelled. We arrived in Davenport as different people… God has grown and sanctified us in so many ways and we are excited to take what we have learned and do ministry in the city that we were raised in… I want to see Dallas/Fort Worth changed by the unrelenting, unstopping, never giving up, always and forever love of Jesus. I want to see the transforming power of the gospel at work in the lives of the people that I grew up around.  We feel compelled towards home.  Also, we feel called to family.  As our kids get older, we want to surround them with the support structure that family provides.  Both of our families love and fear the Lord… and they are obsessed with our kids.  With that in mind, we just feel like it’s the right thing to do.  So what’s the next step look like? 

We have found a church that we love in Fort Worth (my home town) and are looking forward to getting plugged in.  The only catch… there isn’t a job yet.  So I will be getting plugged into the church on a volunteer level and looking for a job outside of vocational ministry for a season.  I feel called and equipped to be a pastor, specifically a worship pastor, and will be patient while waiting for what God is leading us to.  Until then I will serve in the local church and make much of Jesus as a volunteer.  We have been compelled this way trusting that as God compels… God provides.  Pray for us: Pray for peace, joy, contentment, direction and faith as we look, wait and pursue whatever is next.  

I know that some valuable, yet hard lessons will be learned in and through this season, however long it may be.  All that to say, I will be searching my heart and trusting the Lord in this. My identity is not in my giftedness or work, my identity is as a child of God bought by the blood of Jesus and walking in the light through the Holy Spirit.  We will follow as God clearly leads.


As I sit here and type this post I'm left at such a loss for every word I need. God did so much in mine and Austin's hearts, he grew our family, he grew our passion for ministry, and he allowed us to be a part of such a great church--none of which we take lightly. It has been an emince priviliege to serve and love the people of Harvest Bible Chapel Davenport, and it has been an honor to receive their love and support. The friendships we have made here will last us a lifetime, these people--you people made a strange place into a home for us almost instantly. Which is why this is the hardest move I've ever made. However, along side all of you we have found a sweet nearness to Christ which gives us an eternal mindset, thus making this the easiest move I've made. Let me explain that...At our church's ten year anniversary our pastor, Rob, made a comment at the end of the service about eternity with God together worshipping before the throne and that in the meanwhile we will keep doing what we are called to do here on earth. And that single phrase "in the meanwhile" was EXACTLY the perfect way to describe how I feel about moving. This is only the meanwhile and we WILL worship together forever upon forever upon forever. 

 I love the realness of our home in heaven.

That being said we are very excited about what is coming next. We have seen God provide and provide and provide and confirm over and over again that he is leading this plan. As we step away from our ministry at Harvest Bible Chapel Davenport I unwaveringly tell you that there is not a person I would see my husband hand his ministry over to with such confidence as I do with Seth Slay. Seth and Hannah are so dear to our hearts and have such a love for the church and such devotion to those in their ministries, not to mention they are both crazy gifted. I know that they will lead you well and love you well with their huge hearts. 

There will be many more posts to come, I'm sure. And I can't quite find a way to wrap up this particular post so I will say what we always say at the end of each service at Harvest.

You are loved.