Guest Post: The Meyer Casa & TGP

Today I wanted to share a story from The Generosity Project (hence the "TGP" in the title) that comes from one of the awesome people that helped make it happen! I'm so happy to introduce you to Jessi Meyer from The Meyer Casa! She is fun, organized, down to earth, adorably stylish (ok you caught me, sometimes when picking out an outfit I ask myself...what would Jessi wear?) and an all around great gal. She is momma to Noah and Everly, wife to Matt and has a featured post on Apartment Therapy...dreams do come true. But seriously go look at that post because her house is--I would dare say-- more amazing in real life than even Apartment Therapy could convey. She is my minimalist role model for sure, not to mention she has me dreaming about white walls with a tinge of turquoise. Her love for the Lord is obvious and so is her servant's heart. She made many hours of mindless sorting and organizing for TGP go by quickly with her quick wit and fun spirit. So without further ado.... 

Photo courtesy of Christina Gregor Photography

I first heard about The Generosity Project right here on Bird In A Tree. I watched Katy's video blog as she explained with her southern charm her ideas and thoughts for this project, and I became excited as I thought, this is something I can do!

As details of the project began to iron out I began going through all the clothes, toys, and excess in our home. As a self described neat freak I live for purging and often find myself at the Salvation Army drive thru with a laundry basket full of things we don't need. However the idea that with the Generosity Project I might be able to put a face to people was something to look forward to.

The week of the event I was able to help Katy sort through and organize through the donations. I was blown away by how faithful people were in donating their things. Instead of cashing in for a quick buck on Craigslist or from a consignment store people were generously offering so much of their things so that someone else could have them, just have them with no questions asked. I remember trying to squish everything into the Tullos' garage as we called it quits on sorting for the afternoon and thinking, "WOW! Only in America do we have such an excess of STUFF." Our family is just as guilty as most. The toys, clothes, everything, we all have so much. Looking at all that stuff has really had a lasting effect on myself as I try and make conscience decisions on the purchases I make for our family and the things that we bring into our home. I mean, do we really need another....fill in the blank?

Sunday rolled around and I'll admit that I was skeptical anyone would show up to the event. However, God was faithful and it was busy all afternoon with people coming and going. I remember people asking, "How much for this?" and us replying, "It's free, all of it." The look people gave was priceless, as if to say, "Why would you do that?"

One woman I was able to talk to that day was Shanae. I was able to help her sift through clothes as she looked for professional clothes for work. Both her and her son were so happy and thankful to be able to help themselves to anything they needed.

The day after The Generosity Project I was driving to the grocery store and on my way I noticed Shanae and her son waiting at a bus stop not far from our house. I felt the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart to turn around and offer them a ride. As I pulled up to where they were standing I could tell they didn't recognize me from the day before, so I explained who I was. As they recognized me, their faces both lit up with smiles and they began shouting thank you's and showing off their new outfits they had picked out the day before. I'll never forget how sweet, polite, and well spoken her son was, as he said,"My mom and I are so appreciative of everything you guys did for us." As he said that my eyes began to water and my smile grew even bigger. Thankfully I could hide my watery eyes behind my sunglasses, as not the scare them, ha! They ended up declining the ride, as they were on a strict bus schedule, but just talking to them again was something that was super special to me and I hope it was for them as well.

Looking back on the Generosity Project I am so glad I was able to be a part of it. Not because of all the warm fuzzies I had from helping people, or to give myself a pat on the back. I'm so glad I was able to bless others because God has blessed us with so much. He had blessed us with the great gift of salvation, faithfully providing for my family’s basic needs, a whole lot of our wants, and for a family of believers that care for others enough to give of their time and things in the way they did that weekend.