Shanae: Joy

Shanae is a woman filled with life, joy, beauty and responsibility. I'm sure none of us who got to spend time with her during the Generosity Project got an accurate picture of the weight she really carries everyday. Shanae was fun and sweet and kind of the life of the party. The Generosity Project would not have been the same without Shanae and her kids and friends. Just a side note- I've never seen such perfectly executed eye liner, perfectly winged at the corners and so adorable! But anyway...back to the things of substance. 

Shanae quickly made friends with all of us gals "working" at The Generosity Project. Being around her was so fun and I'm pretty sure she coined the phrase "personal stylist" for the gals helping her hunt down particular items and sizes. Her joy was absolutely contagious. What I was surprised to learn about her was that she was in the midst of a very difficult situation and season in life. She was new to the area because she had to flee from circumstances that had transpired in her hometown. She hardly knew anyone or had anything for her family. My heart was absolutely in knots for her as she shared the pain of fearing that her kids had walked away from those things changed and how she only hopes that God will use it for good. She is a fierce and brave momma and her strength far overshadowed her story.

She told us it wasn't an easy thing for her to come to take stuff they needed and she had to fight her pride because she didn't having anything to offer in return. Her gratitude was so abundant I never would have guessed she was fighting a battle against her pride. Honestly, it wasn't easy being on the other side of that conversation. It was humbling for us both, but in such a sweet way. The sweetest thing about my time with Shanae was reveling in the grace of God together and His great generosity to us both. She inspired me. She is the picture of joy in the face of adversity. It was such a privilege to meet her and to accept her repeated hugs (which she was giving out left and right!). 

This is where my story with Shanae ended, but not for one of those "personal stylists." Jessi Meyer, from Oh Happy Day blog will be guest posting soon to tell us about her experience with The Generosity Project and her continued story with Shanae.