Study Guide Week 4

Now we get into the nitty gritty. We are going to start taking chunks of Scripture and running with them. While yes, we will be continuing on our path of knowledge, this is where God really uses that knowledge in my life to highlight some JEWELS of wisdom and truth that maybe I've been glossing over. I'm so in love with this part of the process because God has and is using this to draw me closer to him and equips me to go out and live it.

This part reminds me of dates 3-10 when you are falling in love...that time where you are learning ALL THE THINGS and go home and then regurgitate all that fun knowledge and insight all over the first friend to talk to you. That's how this is. It shouldn't just be an accumulation of facts that sit on the floor. This should get you going. This part of the process ignites our relationship with God and shapes our relationships with others. 

Week 4 Chunk of Scripture: 1 John 1:1-4. 

  1. Read through this chunk.
  2. On your printed and double spaced copy, circle transition words (that, therefore, which, because, etc). Draw arrows to connect transition words to the portions they are referring to. 
  3. Underline repeated words or phrases.
  4. Identify words that you don't know and define them. (Consider any word that you couldn't easily and accurately define in your own words as a word you don't know. Example: "manifest" was this type of word for me.)
  5. If there are lists, instructions, or explanations number them in the succession they are given. 
  6. Every place where a cross reference is given (make sure you are using a study bible or study bible app!) list all the references of verses provided in normal pen ink. 
  7. Now you've written out each verse "address" near the verse it is corresponds with. Take your time. Read through each cross reference in your bible, one grouping of verses at a time.  
  8. As you read through each grouping of cross references take a highlighter (I used light purple) and write the theme of each grouping in one word or short phrase over each grouping you made. This way you don't just have a list of Scripture references, you have the meaning they are pointing toward with them. 

Yes, those are food and coffee stains. We do what we can. 

Now as you read through this passage again, when you come to a cross reference glance at the theme you wrote in highlighter, and let that direct your comprehension of this text. Is there anything you didn't expect? How would you paraphrase this chunk? Write down any new insights (and share them in the comments or in the new Facebook group!) you have gleaned by reading through cross references and noting repetitions and syntax of the passage.