Study Guide Week 1

Welcome to our very first day of studying God's word together! This weeks study guide is super simple. In the coming weeks, we will add in more study tools and dive deeper with each week that we study. Eventually each week's study guide will focus on small passages of scripture to break down and learn from in depth.

First things first: We are going to be studying the book of 1 John!

As I was praying about what God wanted me to focus on in my personal walk, I realized that even though I've got so many individual verses underlined and highlighted from this book of the bible, I've never actually studied it. And so here we are. I'm so excited to be able to learn the meaning, purpose, and context of this letter from John with you!

This week's focus for our study will be to read the book of 1 John. Like I said, simple. Before you get overwhelmed, I'll point out that 1 John only has five chapters. You have all week to read at whatever pace you like. And if you can't finish by next friday? -- Grace upon grace sisters.

One of the most valuable things I took away from Jen Wilkin's book was to change my mindset. Pray before and after you read each day and prepare your heart to hear from the Holy Spirit. But the new part of this prayer time and mind set for me was to pray for patience as you study God's word.  Don't rush or put pressure on yourself. Your obedience to read God's word is an act of worship, don't taint that time by giving yourself an expectation of some sort of length to read or spiritual milestone to meet.

Make reading God's word a priority and let it be the blessing in and of itself. 

I kept track of how I was able to do my first week of reading through 1 John. I thought it may encourage those of you who have time or distraction limitations. 

  • Katy's Week 1 Reading Log:

Day 1: read 1 John 1 until I was interrupted by our kids waking up for the day.

Day 2: read 1 John 2 until interrupted by our kids waking up for the day.

Day 3: read 1 John 3 through the end of the book. I was able to take some notes and pray over specific points that stuck out to me. 

Day 4: since I finished reading I began reading the ESV study bible notes for the Introduction of 1 John. 

Day 5: spent time praying and reviewing what I read for a verse to memorize; continued reading through the Introduction to 1 John in the ESV study bible online. 

I'm loving this Steinbeck quote right now "And now that you don't have to be perfect you can be good."  This is our approach to bible study. Loosen the chains of perfection and let yourself enjoy and become familiar with 1 John this week. We'll be getting our hands dirty and putting our minds to work very soon loved ones.


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*If you finish 1 John and want more, start on reading the Intro notes in your study bible and pick out a verse you would like to memorize!