Resources For Tackling 1 John 2:18-27

Y’ALL. I’m so sorry. I have to admit my lack of Bible study writing has mostly been because I was involved in a Bible study at our church and I recently entered our mentoring program and I’m going through a great book with my mentor! But also….there have probably been some days of laziness. Thankfully I don’t think that any of you beautiful people were doing the study week by week with me, so I’m hoping I didn’t let you down too much. I’m thinking that in the future I’ll keep my publish times for a live blog bible study for summer and Christmas break—times when most of us are not involved in any type of study.

But—I did want to share the approximately one million links to resources I DIVED into for a couple of weeks. It all began when I moved onto the next chunk of Scripture to study in 1st John. When I began studying verses 18-27 one of the questions that kept coming up was that if these "anitchrists" had once been part of them but now did not continue on...then how does that play out in light of the security of our salvation? I've always believed that once you are saved you are always saved in Christ...but I realized I did not understand this concept deeply enough to explain it (to myself or anyone else). It was just one of those things I had always taken at face value, and now I wanted to go deeper and truly understand it for myself. Then the same week one of my best friends struck up a conversation with me about assurance of salvation and perseverance of the saints. With the combination of the Scripture in front of me and a friend to go back and forth with…I seriously got a little obsessed on the subject. But I’m glad I did! I have a greater (not complete mind you…still waiting for that completeness until He takes me home) understanding of the topic and some Scripture to really meditate on and try to memorize.

If I tried to write a weekly study of this chunk of Scripture I would have a hard time doing it without stealing the ideas and words of the scholars that I turned to. So instead I’m just going to give you those resources for now. As previously mentioned…this isn’t really a time for me to dive into writing a ton of bible study material, although I will be poking in occasionally and posting. But behind the scenes I really hope to fill binders and journals with content for this summer while most bible studies take a break anyway. If you keep an eye out on the blog, I will be sharing more about choosing when to say no, and when to wait on things in my life. I’m really excited to share more on the blog about living slowly and surely so I hope you will join me there!

For now, here are some amazing resources!

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