Study Guide Week 4

Now we get into the nitty gritty. We are going to start taking chunks of scripture and running with them. While yes, we will be continuing on our path of knowledge, this is where God really uses that knowledge in my life to highlight some JEWELS of wisdom and truth that maybe I've been glossing over. I'm so in love with this part of the process because God has and is using this to draw me closer to him and equips me to go out and live it.

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Study Guide Week 1

Welcome to our very first day of studying God's word together! This weeks study guide is super simple. In the coming weeks, we will add in more study tools and dive deeper with each week that we study. Eventually each week's study guide will focus on small passages of scripture to break down and learn from in depth.

First things first: We are going to be studying the book of 1 John!

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Getting Started

I know I keep saying I'm so excited. But y'all really. I mean.....I'm so excited! And also a fair amount jittery. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart I can't believe that any of you would even trust me so far as to peak your interest in this endeavor. I hope that you stay and this is a place for fellowship and camaraderie as we set out for an adventure. Know that like you, I'm just a normal gal who is eager to learn. I stand in this place as a guide with bathtubs full of prayer and open hands to all the grace I can grab. 

First things first. This is a bible study that is centered and focused on the triune God, on what His word says about Him, and for His glory alone. God's word is about Him and as we pour over it, may we become more like him and may our lives be malleable in His trustworthy hands. 

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