Photo by Jared and Julie Photography

Photo by Jared and Julie Photography

Real life with coffee in hand, the hard stuff, the encouraging stuff, and the stuff you have to laugh about for sanity's sake. 


A Texas gal who moved back to the motherland after five wonderfully unexpected years in Iowa, this is my place for intentional reflection on life, motherhood, marriage, and sanctification. Dedicated to authentically living as a believer, wife and mother to fully glorify and enjoy God all of my days. I consider myself southern at heart, city by instinct, and growing by the grace of God. Married to my lover (teehee) and best friend in 2008, life has been an adventure. Our firstborn son, Lyric, came into the world in June 2010 just before we moved to Iowa as my husband took a position as Worship Pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel Davenport. Lyric was followed by our little baby who went to heaven after just seven weeks of pregnancy, then came our Lily girl in February of 2012, and last our mischevious, happy boy Fletch, in February of 2013. We kicked off 2015 with a crazy move back to Fort Worth, Texas where we happily have put down roots at Christ Chapel Bible Church. You'll often find me with coffee in hand, and if not I'm probably planning on brewing my next cup. I fell in love with writing when I joined the creative writing club in seventh grade, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I believed I might have a knack for it. I'm committed to honestly writing what I'm compelled to share in hopes that what you find here is an overflow of my life. Thank you for visiting my space, I hope reading this blog is as moving for you as writing here is for me. 

If you only take away one thing from this blog, my strongest hope is that when you close your browser you will know more of Jesus and his saving grace and love. Jesus is the most important thing about me. His love extended even to the darkest corners of my heart and mind and His grace rescued me. As good as I am, as hard as I try, as much as I achieve, I'll never be holy. Even on the most super-mommy of days with the healthiest living and kindest heart, I would never be pure enough to stand in the presence of a perfectly Holy God. God extended His mercy to me because of his OVERWHELMING love for me. Jesus selflessly took all my sin and made me clean. I'm forgiven. I'm made pure. But the most beautiful gift is God himself, to know God and love God; to have a real true relationship with the One who saved me has brought me to a life of endless abundance and joy. So take the grace friends, take the grace.  

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